On Monday I had the privilege of supply teaching a kindergarten class for the afternoon. I forgot how wonderfully inquisitive children are at that age and how eager they are to learn. If I could be a TOC (teacher on call) for kindergarten classes every day, I would be a happy gal. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. If you are a teacher in the Westshore/School District 62/Langford area and need a TOC, let me know 😉

Thankfully, I have Scentsy to keep me busy. Yesterday I partook in a training call that Scentsy home office puts on every week for consultants. They are completely free which is awesome. I also wrote thank you cards for customers who purchased from me at a friend’s home party. I’ve already started booking parties for January as December is a busy month with all the holidays happening. I am really excited about finding out which bars are coming back from BBMB(Bring back my bar) in January! It’ll be a fun month in Scentsy land 🙂

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA. So, happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours to the south! If you’re a Scentsy consultant, I hope you have some “turkey trot” basket parties out for the weekend.

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