Pay Day

Yesterday pay day came early! I was SUPER excited as it not only paid for my insurance, but also for groceries AND a few Christmas presents. I’ve officially been paid more with my Scentsy business than I have earned supply teaching out here. I am very thankful I joined Scentsy.

Speaking of Christmas, I am super excited about starting to decorate with my man this weekend. As tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, we both agreed we wouldn’t start with the holiday festivities until after we have given our respects to our Canadian veterans. He is much more of a Christmas fan than I am, but I just cannot help but be excited when I see his face light up with anticipation for Christmas. We have a tree which we bought on sale but we are in need of a thrift store decoration shopping adventure.

We agreed to make Christmas wish lists for the other person this year. It was NOT my idea. I always have a difficult time trying to figure out what I want. This year I googled “what I want for Christmas” as well as “what to get my girlfriend for Christmas” and “what to get a 20something year old for Christmas”. Do you know what I found out? That I don’t want half of what I’m supposed to want. The quest will continue on though as I’ve begun to add random things to my list. My favourite things to add thus far are things for both of us to enjoy such as board games or kitchen goodies. I don’t think he is very impressed with these suggestions but I’m not allowed to ask for the old faithful of “all I want for Christmas is you”, trust me, I’ve tried.

Now, to input a Scentsy order and then continue reading “Still Alice”. Have you read that book? I’ve been struggling as I begin to cry and it becomes almost impossible to read through the tears. I’d like to eventually finish the book so I can watch the movie. Here’s to hoping for less tears.

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