Christmas Craft Fair

Yesterday I had a Scentsy booth set up at a Christmas Craft Fair. It was my first ever vendor event so I was super nervous as well as excited. It took a lot of courage on my behalf to talk to complete strangers about Scentsy but it turned out amazingly! I met so many new people and was super happy I did it. I planned and planned for this event so my anxiety levels the day of would be low. I gave out close to 50 Scentsy wax samples and hopefully of those 50, at least 30 of them had smiles on their faces. Well worth it in my opinion 🙂

Next weekend, I will be doing it again at a different venue! Wish me luck 🙂


On Monday I had the privilege of supply teaching a kindergarten class for the afternoon. I forgot how wonderfully inquisitive children are at that age and how eager they are to learn. If I could be a TOC (teacher on call) for kindergarten classes every day, I would be a happy gal. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. If you are a teacher in the Westshore/School District 62/Langford area and need a TOC, let me know 😉

Thankfully, I have Scentsy to keep me busy. Yesterday I partook in a training call that Scentsy home office puts on every week for consultants. They are completely free which is awesome. I also wrote thank you cards for customers who purchased from me at a friend’s home party. I’ve already started booking parties for January as December is a busy month with all the holidays happening. I am really excited about finding out which bars are coming back from BBMB(Bring back my bar) in January! It’ll be a fun month in Scentsy land 🙂

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA. So, happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours to the south! If you’re a Scentsy consultant, I hope you have some “turkey trot” basket parties out for the weekend.

Pay Day

Yesterday pay day came early! I was SUPER excited as it not only paid for my insurance, but also for groceries AND a few Christmas presents. I’ve officially been paid more with my Scentsy business than I have earned supply teaching out here. I am very thankful I joined Scentsy.

Speaking of Christmas, I am super excited about starting to decorate with my man this weekend. As tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, we both agreed we wouldn’t start with the holiday festivities until after we have given our respects to our Canadian veterans. He is much more of a Christmas fan than I am, but I just cannot help but be excited when I see his face light up with anticipation for Christmas. We have a tree which we bought on sale but we are in need of a thrift store decoration shopping adventure.

We agreed to make Christmas wish lists for the other person this year. It was NOT my idea. I always have a difficult time trying to figure out what I want. This year I googled “what I want for Christmas” as well as “what to get my girlfriend for Christmas” and “what to get a 20something year old for Christmas”. Do you know what I found out? That I don’t want half of what I’m supposed to want. The quest will continue on though as I’ve begun to add random things to my list. My favourite things to add thus far are things for both of us to enjoy such as board games or kitchen goodies. I don’t think he is very impressed with these suggestions but I’m not allowed to ask for the old faithful of “all I want for Christmas is you”, trust me, I’ve tried.

Now, to input a Scentsy order and then continue reading “Still Alice”. Have you read that book? I’ve been struggling as I begin to cry and it becomes almost impossible to read through the tears. I’d like to eventually finish the book so I can watch the movie. Here’s to hoping for less tears.

Day Two

I hope to post as frequently as frequently as possible. But, like any well intentioned plan, I know I am human. I have difficulty with creating new habits, particularly ones that take effort. Have you ever tried recording your food intake? I have and I can tell you it is a pain. Who has time to measure out how many cups of chips I eat while binge-watching Netflix shows? Clearly that person is not me. But, I promise to try my best and that is all that matters.

I’ve noticed that my blog counts how many words I write. I wonder how many words the average blog post is. Has this number of words decreased as our attention spans have decreased? These are some of the things I wonder about.

It is Sunday night here and I have successfully had a semi-productive weekend. I successfully fulfilled my adult duties yesterday by doing laundry, cleaning, and inputting some Scentsy orders. Today was not as productive. Do you ever have days when all you want to do is lay down in your pjs/sweats and do absolutely nothing? Today was one of those days. At least we did some grocery shopping. Yay for food! I am ready to tuck myself into bed as I have my to-do list ready to go for tomorrow. So, if you’re reading this out there, I wish you a great evening(or morning or night).

Hello out there

I’m not sure if I should welcome you to my page or if I should simply just yell “Hello” out into the abyss we call the internet in hopes it’ll find you. I am, by no means, a writer. If you want eloquence, alliteration, and metaphorical jibberish, I regret to inform you that you’ve stumbled upon the wrong page and I urge to turn on your heels at once.

I am just a 26 year old woman. I speak honestly and optimistically for that is who I am. I cannot tell you what you’ll find here, as I’m still trying to find myself.

I recently moved from my home in Ontario to the very beautiful British Columbia for…you guessed it, LOVE! I left my stable teaching career, my friends, and my family, to be with the man I love. Seems a little silly and a little scary, I know. But, it has been an amazing experience thus far. I can see mountains from my balcony and I live 3minutes from the closest beach! I have successfully earned myself a spot on a supply teaching list here in my new hometown, but it isn’t paying the bills like I had hoped. I searched high and low for something else to do to help bring home the bacon, or in my case, the pizza (we’re making pizza for dinner tonight, yum). And there, right in front of my eyes, was Scentsy. I fell in love with Scentsy from the moment I experienced it in my friend’s bathroom. Did you know what her bathroom smelled of? It smelled like a calming spa! I needed my bathroom to smell like a spa too! Thankfully, you can barge out your friend’s bathroom and demand to know how you can get a spa-like bathroom without sounding like a psycho…well, only a little one at least. When I realized that I could sell Scentsy as well as buy it for my home, I knew I had to join the Scentsy family. It started off as just an extra way to earn some income, buy some goodies for our home, and maybe meet a few new friends. Now I can tell that it is not only those things, it is so much more.

I cannot tell what the future has to hold, but if you’re willing, I’d love if you’d join me as I fumble through life.

In case you’d like to know a little bit more about Scentsy, I have a website which you can find by clicking here.